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I know that my life is full of great and positive things. When I am gently reminded of them I fall in love all over again.
Earlier this week Alexandria and I went to the club to work out. While getting ready I tore, not broke, tore yet another finger nail. There seems to be no way to get my nails to stay strong without help any more these days. This changed my mind about working out. I went to the in-house spa at the club while Alexandria went to go work out.
I explained to them that i needed silk wraps. That my nails were so weak they were tearing and breaking all the time now. I could see their hesitation. "Silk wraps?" They asked with a confused look. "Yes" I said , "it is a repair for broken nails but it is also used for protecting nails in unusual circumstances, like mine now."
They still look confused but very sympathetically nodding their heads in agreement. They find an available manicurist to help me and she immediately understood my predicament, took a look at my hands and fingers and told the very sympathetic girls that even though there was no menu item in the system for what she was going to do that they could use the same charge code as a shellac. They looked relieved to finally have the answer that was at the crux of their confusion. All was well. :)
As we got started we talked about our daughters, she only has one child, a daughter. She came here from Croatia to be with her daughter when she had her baby.
I told her about my mother. How every time we visit her she will decorate the house for all the holidays. The Christmas tree will be up and decorated, the Easter eggs painted, filled, and hidden, and the Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings would be laid out.
As I described the scene to her she began to cry. She said this was the most beautiful story she had ever heard. She fully understood why it was so important to my mother to be able to build these memories for my children and for her. My mom wants them to know who she was because we never get to travel that far to see my family. My mother also wants to be able to take pictures in each setting with the kids to be able to add more memories connected to family holidays that we have missed all through the years.
My manicurist's tears were tears of joy. :)
My mother is an amazing woman. I actually lost her through difficult circumstances when I was 5 but found her when I was pregnant with my now 17 year old daughter. I am so very glad that we found each other and so very glad that my children love her so much too. :)
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