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Kinda scary how these things sometimes hit the nail on the head....

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Jul. 25th, 2008 10:42 pm

We made it

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All day today as we were packing I finally had one of those moments that I kept reading about from most of you. Where you are doing something and you have a blog moment. A moment of time where you think .. I have to blog this.

The day started well. Breakfast was rejected by number one son but the rest eat well. Number one son however regaled us by singing some old country song about a girl asking a guy if he could support her if she married him and he said no, that he was basically the man of the moment and that he would take care of her until he was out of money and time for her and then he would move on. Needless to say that hubby and I were not amused. When I asked him where he heard that song he said it was from the radio station that the nanny would listen to. Sigh.

Next we stopped at a store to get lunch fixens. As we walked out of the store there was a shiny penny on the ground. Number one son picks it up, he makes a wish. The other two decide they need pennies to make wishes too. We get in the car and I hand them each a penny. For the next 5 minutes they each talk about their pennies.
How much copper do they have in them Mommy?
Oh Look! This one has the year of my birthday!
Why is his shinier than mine?
Mine is 2008!

I love my babies. :)


Well, here it is, the much awaited pictures of our new home. We live off the top of a very large hill with a road that does this huge long 'S'. One of these days when it is clear enough I will take a picture of Mt Renier which can sorta be seen from front of our home.

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But not really good bye forever, just good bye Texas for a while. Long good bye because we do not leave until the last week of July. And god do I have a list of questions starting. Hubby is moving us up to Washington State. He works for a company whose main office is located there and they offered him a position that requires us to move there. So, my questions are ...

What does Forced Air mean when talking about a home's air conditioning/heating?

Where does one get a battery heater for your car?

Better to get it there or here?

What are the cell phone services like out there?

Boy scouts?

Girl scouts?



Fabric Shops?

Leather Shops?

Shoe Shopping?

Cruise Lines?
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Bob was a friend of mine. 

He knew my name.

Every time I saw him he would raise his arms and bade me over to him no matter where we were or who we were with.  

Every convention or gathering we were at, there he was with a drink in one hand and a cigarrette in the other. 

As time went by the drink became water, the cigarette went from a cigar, back to a cigarette, then to pencil. 

He waned on that hand held bit that smoked, sometimes it smoked itself.

When I got married he frowned at me. It was the first time he ever frowned at me, and the last. He could see that I was happy finally. He agreed with me that I went through a lot of ass holes before I found ... the one. They became friends.

I have watched as each of my convention going gang slowly drop off and join the rest of the crew upstairs.

We all joked that the first person we wanted to sit and talk to when we got to the big convention in the sky was Jorge. (Jorge Luis Borges ... google him) None of us ever thought we would kick the bucket, we were young, we were going to live forever. 

Bob said so....

Robert Asprin 
Tambu - An Interstellar Genghis Khan

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Watching Kim Possible "A Sitch in Time" with the baby girl, (ok, so she is 12 but she is my only daughter so forever will be called my baby girl). Yeah, that is spelled right, Sitch. Anyone ever notice how Monkey Fist looks a lot like Ben Stiller?
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I will begin posting but for now ... I am migrating over here. :)

Gloves will be shown soon! :D


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