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O M G!!!

This is soooo incredible!!

I am geeking out big time over here!

I got the cd mailed me of the gloves [livejournal.com profile] the_thread_lady took pictures of from the Fashion Museum in Bath!

I have already looked through it like 3 times and still cannot get enough! I so want to hop on a plane and fly over there and bed them to let me publish a coffee table book of just the gloves and cuffs (they label them gauntlets) no matter the condition. Sigh, I can dream! :)
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The page is not done yet and I do apologize for not posting here every day like I originally planned. Things just got in the way and I ended up working more than an hour a day on this project, way more. :P

I kept a running record in a word doc and have been slowly porting it over to a webpage off my glove site.

Here is the URL: http://www.glove.org/Italian/

I would love comments on anything you see there. I especially would love any published references specific speaking to the gloves I show.

Along the way I have decided that I will be taking this project a step further and either recreate or find the pattern that is on the cuffs of the gloves I finally chose to make.

I am a bit of an outside of the box thinker, ok, I am a LOT on the outside of the box thinker. (Yes, I am the one that said "eye ball it" cause that is how my mom did it and my grandmother did it and how they chose to teach me when it comes to sewing. I just did not realize that it meant that you must have that talent in you to be able to "eye ball it".) I chose to make a pair of gloves that were not made of leather and not the every day cuff of an Italian from the renaissance. I chose velvet gloves.

/Madeleine de La Tour d AuvergneGo, have a look, tell me what you all think here. :)
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By the time we got out to Kent it was nice and comfortable. Did not need hats or cloaks at all.

Got to watch horse games for a while, went to the archery range, nibbled on the lunch (Alexandria pretty much eat it all after telling me she was not hungry so I only got one lunch. LOL) and talked to a very nice group of folks. Met the new Baroness as we were getting ready to leave and she was very excited to hear that I taught a glove class. They would like for me to teach asap. :)

I am going to try to go to the A&S next weekend in Kirkland and bring a couple of patterns with me. If I have time I will sit with whoever is interested and talk gloves. :)

Ping me here or on FB if you are coming and want a quick and dirty pattern to play with. I will look into teaching a few classes between now and the end of year here in Antir.

Deal? :)


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